Terms of Use

Who is allowed to submit photo posts?

Anyone who has a blog with original photography and content, you must register to submit photos.

What are your rules for submission?

  1. Photos must lead to a post which includes that particular image with a recipe or instructions.
  2. Photos must be property of the submitter, or permission must be granted along with proper attribution. Any violation will be removed.
  3. Posts with copyright violations will be removed. (If your photo was mistakenly posted, let us know right away.)
  4. Photos must be under 1028 pixels height and width, photo can be square or rectangle shape. File size is limited to 500kb and the photo must be jpeg format.
  5. Photos need to be visually appealing, in focus, good white balance (should not have an unnatural color hue).
  6. The more popular this website becomes the more strict we will judge & approve/disapprove submissions.
  7. Please no watermarks, logos or text on the photos, we may let this rule slide a little if it is small and mostly unnoticeable or distracting from the photo.
  8. English language posts only, non-English posts will be deleted.
  9. We reserve the right to remove photos at any time.
  10. Anything pornographic, violent, hateful, or racist will not be tolerated. Violations will be deleted and offender's account will be removed.

How do I crop my image?

If you do not have a photo editing software to crop your images you can always use Picmonkey's free online services that allows you to crop and edit photos.

How long does it take for submissions to appear on the site?

It could take anywhere from 1 to 74 hours for submissions to be published and appear on the home page. It depends our work load and other responsibilities. Entries are reviewed in the order they are received and notifications will NOT be sent out.

There is no category my submission?

If there is no category for your submission then select the "Other" category. We will consider adding a category for all submissions that don't fit our current category list and update your submission for you if one is created.

Can I submit past posts?

Both new & old posts are eligible for submission, the post date does not matter.